Breathwork Meditation

    This active form of breathwork allows you to reach an altered state of awareness, a changed consciousness. You may feel like you’re in your “zone” or a nice “flow state”…and you may go deeper! Although the change in awareness feels good, what you do in this state is up to you. As you get deeper into the meditative state, you will hear your body “speak” to you. Perhaps in memories, emotions, physical sensations, or ideas. I often say “Come for the altered state. Stay for the healing.”
    You will be lying on the floor for the duration, so bring any comfort measures you desire (mat, blanket, sweater, eye pillow). Some props available.
    You can also attend this class virtually via Zoom or purchase the recording (available for 72 hours after the session). The session fee is $20 with attendance limited to 10 people. To hold your place text Lisa at 813-444-2348 or Venmo @Lisa-Jamison-3. Please let me know if you will be in-person or virtual. Call or text with any questions.

Class Information

 Open: April 1, 2021
 Next: April 15, 2021
 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

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